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Helping Frontline Professionals learn to eat and train while working 12 hour shifts.

Who Do I Help?

I help Frontline Professionals With A Proven Path to Burn Fat, Feel More Confident than Ever, & Lose Up To 40lbs in 16 Weeks.

...Even if you work 12 hour shifts, have rotating schedules, you’re on the road in a vehicle all day & feel like you have “no time” to do it all.

Who I help...


➡️Healthcare worker (all healthcare including veterinarians)

➡️ Firefighter

➡️ Military member (vet or current)

➡️ Public Safety

➡️ Corrections

➡️ EMT/ Paramedics

➡️ Utilities

➡️ Transport

➡️ Local/ National Government (USPS ect.)

➡️ Education

➡️ Pilots

Struggling to get back to a healthier you, then keep on reading!


I created the Frontline Fitness Elite Program to help those struggling with….


…. Having enough energy to get through a 12-hour shift.


…. The feeling of your uniform getting tighter and tighter each year. 


…. Exactly what to eat to reach your goals while working long hours.


…. Feeling like you are physically struggling on the job.


I understand that with each one of these professions, it requires a lot of physical activity.  And the reason that I know is I worked in LE as well as was in the military.  My wife is also an ICU nurse who normally is on the night shift. SO believe me...if we can do it, so can you!


Within this program you will…


…. have more energy.


…. See the changes in your uniform


…. learn how to make simple meals that help fuel your day. 


…. Feel stronger and more capable during your shift. 

....Have workouts that you can actually DO, from home or in the gym.


This program will take the guess work out of what you need to do to reach your goals, 


If you would like more information about my programs please shoot me an e-mail! If you are READY to get back to a healthier YOU, then click on the link below to get directly to my calendar to book a consultation with me.


The Process

1:1 Consultation

I want to make sure every person that signs up with me, gets the best success possible. That is why I will sit down with you via ZOOM to talk with you face to face. Schedule a free call with me so we can go over your background, fitness goals, and personal challenges. During this call, we will discuss what you have done and where you may be falling short. We will talk about our program, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you like. We want to be sure we can help a potential client, and we want a potential client to be sure that they want a program that will work for them. This requires communication, and a ZOOM call works better than 20 emails back-and-fourth.  

The Program

When you join me, I will combine your unique situation with my knowledge and expertise, to create a custom plan to get you to your fitness goal and help you keep the results for life. The plan you receive will be fit for you. 

Frontline Fitness Program

Ever wished for a fitness guide tailored to the unique challenges faced by frontline workers? Here it is, curated with YOU in mind.


This isn’t just another recycled fitness program. It's a system I've sculpted through years of dedication, trials, and genuine passion.


Over 3 years, I’ve transformed lives:

✨ Clients shedding pounds and gaining confidence.

✨ Professionals excelling even more in their demanding roles.

✨ Overwhelmed parents and workaholics finding balance and wellness.


You might wonder, “Can I manage this with my erratic hours?”

The answer is Yes. I've successfully coached clients juggling 80-hour work weeks, family demands, and life’s curveballs. The key? A program that shapes around YOU, not vice versa.


🌟 Frontline Fitness™ Breakdown:


12-WEEK PERSONALIZED COACHING: Customized workouts and nutrition strategies, with constant access to me for any queries.

LIFETIME ACCESS TO CORE CURRICULUM: Dive into my top-tier training videos anytime, even post the live coaching.

(3) DEDICATED 1-ON-1 COACHING CALLS: Personal guidance to ensure you're always on track.

WEEKLY LIVE TRAINING SESSION: Dynamic classes to deepen your nutrition and workout insights.

EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: Engage with fellow frontliners, pushing boundaries in fitness and life.

Sound like something you need? 

Scroll down and book a consultation with me so we can dive into your needs to get you feeling better than ever!

Book Call Here To Discuss Program Options!

Looking to change your life but not sure where to start? Fill out your information and we will contact you for a 1:1 call. During your 1:1 call will discuss your goals, current nutrition, and answer any questions you have.


Meet The Valkyrie Trainer!

Megan is a long time fitness enthusiast, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach She wants to share the following with you:


Hey guys! Welcome to Valkyrie! I am going to be your personal coach so I wanted to share a bit about myself. I love pushing my body to the limit in the gym, hiking, snowboarding, team sports, motorcycle riding, and anything that gets me active! My goal is to help you find simple solutions to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fitness isn’t one size fits all and it doesn’t mean you have to belong to a big box gym. Together, we will find a fitness solution that works for YOU. Whether your goals are to gain muscle, lose weight, or improve your overall health, Valkyrie will give you the tools and motivation to do it!



I have successfully completed 3 different academy's and have all the knowledge needed for someone looking to pass a PT test, or prep for their first academy/ basic training.

I was the highest preforming soldier in my unit in physical fitness and was awarded year after year for maxing out my physical fitness scores.

I personally developed ways to make it EASY for those working 12 hour shifts to see results as long as they are willing to learn and put in a few hours of effort each week.

I have over 10 years of knowledge on ways to prepare physically and mentally for some of the toughest training needed to be successful as a Frontline Worker.

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